Chris DixonChris Dixon is Vice-President of Gold Seal Mechanical, Inc. and is in charge of the new home plumbing group.

At 19 Chris Dixon became Washington States youngest Licensed Journeymen plumber. Now, over 35 years later he heads up one of the largest residential plumbing operations in the area. As a 3rd generation plumber and vice-president of Gold Seal Mechanical, Inc. Chris has led the department through the ever changing new residential plumbing market.

Chris spends a great deal of time meeting with industry leaders, manufactures, code experts, designers and general contractors to alert his clients about potential material shortages or building design changes that may be required by plumbing code changes. Understanding what the builder wants for his final project and sometimes solving the code problems so it can happen.

But no matter what the design is, the builder still needs to keep a schedule and Chris’ team of professional plumbers and support staff excel in making it happen. The plumber’s dedication to getting a job done to code and done correctly the first time insure that Gold Seal Mechanical, Inc. has one of the highest “pass” rates on their plumbing inspections.

He has served on the Spokane Home Builder’s Affordable Housing committee and plumbing adviser for several years and has been instrumental in helping to get local uniformity in code enforcement and other changes to benefit the consumer and builder. Chris is also active in the Habitat for Humanity projects.

Chris is also certified as a radon mitigation design and installation expert. This allows Gold Seal Mechanical, Inc. to install both active and passive systems in homes and apartments.   Radon gas is an invisible, but very dangerous gas, and Chris’ team plays a very important part in protecting the home buyers and apartment residents in this area.

His son Cameron Dixon became Gold Seal’s first 4thgeneration licensed journeyman plumber…and Cameron is ready to plumb your new home.

Chris’ daughter Courtney, works full time in Gold Seal Mechanical Inc.’s payroll and accounting department while maintaining honor status as a senior in accounting at EWU.

When it is time to relax you might find Chris working in his yard, on a local golf course or training with his wife, Cathy, for another Spartan endurance race.