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Bill did a wonderful job, he did more than I expected. Bill went the extra mile!
Michael is a fantastic guy, and John and Dennis were great also!
Ryan Anderson was very professional and has a great personality. He took time to answer all of my questions. I was very pleased with his performance.
I would like to let you know how impressed I am with your company. We were having clanking pipes with our hot water so I called yesterday and already had a service man out today. In today's world that is close to extinction!!! Thank you for setting up my appointment so promptly. Next, I'd like to mention the service man you sent out to us. Being a retired UPS driver, I understand the 'service provider' part quite well and your employee Larry was a great example of such, and one you should be very proud to have working for you. He was punctual, informative, and knowledgeable. Not to mention, just a real nice cordial guy. He found our problem, and made sure it was fixed before he left. We will call your company in a heartbeat if plumbing services are needed again. Thank you for being a great company and hiring great employees!!! No wonder you have been in business for so long. We will also tell anyone we know with plumbing problems to call your company.
Ryan Anderson did a great job! He was friendly, efficient, and informative. He gave me extra help on the laundry tub I tried to fix myself. He went beyond just being a plumber. I was pleasantly and extremely surprised.
Marc Koppang is an awesome plumber!!!! We loved his energy and he showed us how everything works and explained everything. He makes the company what it is.
Jason is an outstanding plumber and was and extreme joy to work with at 4 a.m.
Josh is a great plumber. He is fast, efficient, and thorough. I have been impressed with Gold Seal before, but Josh made me a customer for life.
Rob is a very nice man to have come into your home. He is competent, nice, social, and helpful. I would like for him to come every time. He needs a raise!
Even though I did not need your services today I wanted to let you know just how wonderful and classy Joe Malley was, and how amazing your plumbing company is. Whenever I do need plumbing work in the future, Gold Seal will be my only call.
Brian S did things right and is a great guy. I will highly recommend Gold Seal, they are the top plumbers on my list.
Troy was very respectful and did a very good job.
All the plumbers that were out at my house yesterday and today were great and exceptionally trained. I will continue to pass on the good news.
Thank you for sending Rob Martin to our house. He is such a nice person, he did a great job, and I appreciated him coming over. I was delighted with the work he did.
Richard Moore is a wonderful man and plumber and did an outstanding job.
March Koppang was so nice and answered all my questions. He involved me and I could swear that he could read my mind. I absolutely loved the whole package, especially Marc's beard-No one should pick on him about it. I want to adopt Marc. He is such a wonderful guy as well as a fabulous plumber. I only want Marc for future repairs and will be requesting him from now on.
Jason is a friendly, respectful, and fully explained my plumbing. Jason also liked my animals and I will be happy to have him back.
Drew Viehman was friendly, quick, and efficient. He completed the job quicker and better than expected.
Larry Rowe did a beautiful job taking care of my plumbing needs
Jason Kanan is an amazing plumber and contrary to the stigma, Jason is a big softy with a good heart and I love Gold Seal.
Scott B, from Gold Seal Plumbing, has been to our house twice in the past week to repair a pinhole leak in two different pipes! Not only is Scott professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and polite... he is extremely instructive! He was able to explain clearly the possible reasons for our problem and various options for a permanent fix. We will continue to use Gold Seal for all of our plumbing needs.... and we will continue to request Scott's service! Thank you!
Bill S was very professional and a spectacular plumber, I was very satisfied with all the work he did, especially in coordinating with the other contractors we had coming to our house.
Scott is great I think he should get a bonus. He did a great job cleaning out our drain.
John Gwinn was amazing. He fit under the deck and that is a feat in itself. All of the plumbers that you have sent to my house are exceptional, but John is the best so far.
Ryan S was pleasant and a good worker.
Travis Curl is wonderful, he deserves a bonus. Thanks for coming out the same day I was expecting to have to wait 3-4 days for service. Travis was a gem.
Ryan did a great job and I have already scheduled additional work that Ryan recommended I have done. I want Ryan's bosses to know how satisfied I am with Ryan's work.
Sam did an excellent job addressing all my concerns and he is an exceptional plumber.
Bill Schwald was professional, friendly, and did nice work. He also explained everything very well, which made for a great experience.
Ryan Starley was excellent and I would like him to come back as my plumber from now on.
Craig Killin was fabulous, professional, and friendly.
Drew was clean and efficient. He answered all my questions in a professional manner. He hit it out of the ball park, that is why I use Gold Seal, fair price and great quality.
Joe Heppler is a very lovely man and I was very happy with his customer service.
Thanks for the fantastic service on our leaking tub. Bill S took the time and care to find out what was wrong with our existing faucet and fixed it, rather than push us into an overly-expensive replacement that I know other plumbers would have advocated. He was careful, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. We will certainly be recommending Gold Seal to many friends and neighbors after this great experience with a company we know we can trust to do what is right. Thanks!
Jason Kanan,We would like to express how much we appreciated the improvements you made in our bathroom. You were very informative and prompt in getting the job done. You allowing us to leave you on your own in our home while we dealt with getting home from the hospital was so very helpful. We appreciate the hard work and quality job you did.
Joe Malley was great and I was very happy with his service.
Ryan Starley was extremely helpful on 5/20 and I will definitely be using Gold Seal again.
Scott Borsel was so knowledgeable and just wonderful to work with. Thanks for coming out so quickly and sending Scott to do the work.
Joe Malley is a very kind and outstanding plumber.
Marc Koppang is an amazing plumber and I will always request him from now on.
Jason Kanan was knowledgeable and did good work. I would like Jason's bosses and Jason to know how happy I am with the service because I used to be a master plumber.
Joe Malley is the most professional plumber I have ever dealt with and will now be the guy I call.
I never really trust that I will get good and honest service when I call a business I don't know and especially the high dollar per hour professions. Without going into all the details of my experience, I want to say that after the work you did for me I felt I had found a really honest and people-oriented business. I will never call any plumbing business but Gold Seal and I am already telling friends about you. Thank you so much for your help and honesty which were above and beyond the call of duty.
Thank you Tom for installing the Eternal 195s tank-less water heater to replace our 12 year old 50 gallon vented gas water heater. Today (Saturday morning) my wife was able for the first time EVER, to completely fill her jetted bathtub ALL THE WAY with hot water. By itself, this would have been grand enough, but get this, SHE WAS ABLE TO DO THIS RIGHT AFTER 2 OTHER SHOWERS WERE TAKEN! We have been using Gold Seal Plumbing for many years, for various emergencies and upgrades and always have found them most accommodating, punctual and friendly. Thank you Gold Seal Plumbing. Sincerely, Michael K.
On a recent Saturday the hot water heater in my home decided to quit working. The timing couldn't have been worse as I had just received out of town guests, including a four year old girl who loves baths, who were to stay for several days. I called your Spokane office which promptly dispatched Journeyman Plumber Rick to troubleshoot the problem. Rick quickly determined what part was faulty. Unfortunately, due to the make and year of my HWT, the part was only available from the factory and couldn't arrive before Tuesday. Later that day, on his own initiative, Rick tracked down a loaner part from another plumber. He came out early Sunday morning, installed it and gave us hot water again. Excellent service! Thank you Rick!
This morning I contacted your Spokane, Washington office to arrange an appointment for an estimate concerning some home plumbing repair projects. The employee who assisted me was cordial and most helpful. She explained in detail the estimate process and fully answered all of my questions. She advised that a service call could be arranged for this same day. Several hours later, on time and as previously promised, your plumber, Ron arrived. He immediately introduced himself and covered his shoes with paper booties before entering our home. He reviewed all of the projects with me and it soon became very obvious that he had a wealth of experience with plumbing matters. He too, was most courteous and professional. After he completed all of my repairs and projects I was so pleased. Just having a few items in the bathroom replaced caused for it to look like a new bathroom. When he left, he took all of the boxes, old plumbing and debris, leaving the bathroom spotless. After seeing his work, I have decided to have a faucet replaced in my kitchen and look forward to that project being handled in the immediate future. When the employee who answered the phone this morning asked how I learned of your company I told her that I had noticed some of your trucks in my neighborhood, well... I hope I can bring you additional business too because when we have the need for plumbing work, you can be sure that one of your trucks will be at my house. Great employees make businesses successful! Many thanks.
Just wanted to let you know that my new shower is in and guess what??? It doesn't leak! We bought a one-piece shower stall and doors from Ziggy's and a friend helped us put it in. Took about 3 and a half days and that includes putting up new walls, painting and trim work. It looks great and cost me about half of what you guys quoted. (I even gave the friend $100 more than he asked for.) We salvaged the floor tiles that you ripped up and glued them back down. Oh, and the shower doors match the gold mirrored doors on the closet. Go figure!
I will definitely call this company again the next time we need a plumbing repair. The plumber arrived on time and was polite and friendly. Quality of the repair was excellent and he cleaned up well after the job was finished. All of my questions regarding kitchen faucets and offered useful advice on this topic.
They showed up on time for the estimate, for the work and completed it in a timely fashion.
I’m very pleased with the promptness, courteousness and professionalism.
Drew is top-drawer, very efficient, one of the nicest guys I've met, very knowledgeable, enjoys working for Gold Seal... and Gold Seal should do whatever it takes to keep him!
What a credit to your company. You should be proud to have Rob out there representing Gold Seal. It was a treat to have him in our home. We will have Rob or Drew back when we remodel.
After observing your company performing work nearby we contacted your office and arranged a meeting… …The job was tackled with precision and professionalism. The ability of the site manager was both efficient and economical which demonstrated complete professionalism. The manner with which your crew handled the job was among the best I have ever seen in my 25 years in trades. We would be glad to provide a reference.
I really appreciated everything you did, even the simple task of removing my plants and not destroying them meant a lot. I will highly recommend you and your company to others. Thanks again.
Thank you for sending Travis to check my water heater. I have finally found an honest plumber. He was professional, polite & did an outstanding job... I will recommend Gold Seal to everyone I know.
Gold Seal should be commended for hiring plumbers of Kevin's quality. He took his time and did the work properly and kept me in the loop at all times.
I am writing this note to express my sincere appreciation for the services provided by your company, especially that of your service technician. He and his co-workers have worked late into the night in multiple occasions to make sure that my plumbing was SAFE and SECURE. Not only was I impressed by their competence and skill, I appreciated them for their gentleman like behavior. I am very grateful for their dedication and skilled services, as well as their dependability.
It was so nice to be treated the way Glynnis treated us over the phone. She actually cared about us. She is fantastic.
Mark S was personable, tolerant of all my questions and represented Gold Seal very well as have all their employees who have been at my house.
Mark is a very conscientious worker... he really knows his stuff. I also appreciated him looking me in the eye when he talked with me and that he wore booty covers on his shoes.
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