Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater installation involves…

Taking out the traditional water heater tank in your home and replacing it with an electric or gas water heating unit that heats the water directly. Tankless water heater installation is also known as an on-demand water heater. It is named this because when a tap is turned on, only the water needed travels through the water heating unit for immediate use. So, if you are not using hot water, there is no energy wasted on heating it.

On average, a tankless water heater installation can save up to 35% off of heating costs if installed correctly. If you have never seen a tankless water heater installation, it may sound a little unbelievable, but a correctly sized heating unit will deliver an endless supply of hot water as it is needed. We can help you figure out whether you need a single point application water heater (for a bathroom sink), or a multipoint application (whole house tankless) water heater.

A Single point application or a point-of-use Tankless water heater is used for under-the-sink applications and is ideal if there is one fixture that will need the hot water.

A multipoint application or Whole House Tankless water heater is designed to serve an entire house, apartment, condo, or cabin where there are multiple fixtures and points of use located all around the building.

Tankless water heaters save energy and money!

Traditional storage water heaters produce standby hot water. It takes a lot of energy to keep all that water hot, and that costs you money. Would you heat your home while you’re on vacation? Of course not… we only heat our homes when there is a demand for heat. In the same way, a Tankless Water Heater is used when, and only when you need hot water now. Tankless water heaters are very energy efficient. They save energy, cut down on utility bills, and keep more money in your wallet.

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