DIY Plumbing Mistakes


plumbing service mead, waOne of the biggest mistakes you can make for your home is trying to do all your own plumbing repairs and renovations. While it makes sense to do some minor repairs yourself, you certainly don’t want to take on an entire project that could leave you without a major plumbing fixture.

These are some of the most common mistakes DIY plumbers make, which make it clear why you might consider hiring a professional plumber for these issues.

They Place the Fixture in the Wrong Spot

Whether you are replacing your toilet or you are putting in a new sink, you might realize that the new fixture doesn’t quite fit into the same spot. While many newer or newly renovated homes feature standard setups, older homes might offer something irregular you need to adjust before installing a new fixture.

They Fail to Provide Drainage

No matter how much you prepare to install a new shower, you aren’t going to be very happy with the final product if you fail to provide a downward slant for water to flow to the drain. Otherwise, you will be dealing with stagnant water that will create some unpleasant experiences, perhaps even slips and falls.

They Use Too Many Cleaning Chemicals

Drain cleaner may work well to ease up some of the clogs you have in your pipes, but they can actually damage your pipes with overuse. Plus, the fumes of these cleaners can be bad for your health.

If you do have a clogged drain, you might instead use a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water instead. A hand snake is another great tool to have on hand to take out clogs by hand, no chemicals or mixtures needed.

They Tighten Connections Too Much

People assume that they need to tighten plumbing connections as much as possible, but this is not necessarily the case. While connections must be watertight, tightening too much can damage the washers and fittings that help create the seal. Plumbers know not to tighten connections to the point that it causes damage, and they can also spot any potential damage before it becomes a problem.

They Leave Water On

The first step you take for any plumbing project should be shutting off water at the source. Failing to do this can lead to loose connections and water spouts that damage your home. Remember that once you shut off water, you still need to clear water out of pipes. Run faucets for a few seconds to relieve the water to prevent any potential water leaks you didn’t expect.

They Lack Skills

While not every project requires extensive plumbing knowledge and skill, you are wise to brush up on plumbing skills before you do any major projects. Better yet, work with a professional who understands the best ways to manage your plumbing. Hiring a plumber means you have somebody showing up at your home with all the necessary tools for the project you’ve hired them for.

They Lack Professional Knowledge and Expertise

Plumbers also know what projects might require building permits or code adjustments. Your plumber is aware of the laws and the best practices for handling major plumbing issues. When you struggle with know-how in addition to not having the right tools at your disposal, you need to rely on a professional.

Still not sure what to do? Call Gold Seal Plumbing to learn more about the plumbing options available to you. Your next project does not have to be a major nuisance, especially when you work with a plumber who cares about your project just as much as you do. We are waiting for your call.