Gold Seal Plumbing Holiday Disposal Promotion


This year at Gold Seal Plumbing we are excited to offer our Holiday Disposal Promotion. If we install one model of our two promotional garbage disposals, we are so confident in them we guarantee we would come clear a clog, even on a holiday at no charge.

We are running great promotional prices on two models of Insinkerator garbage disposals: the 1100XL and the 1000LP. We know how a clogged or not working garbage disposal gets in the way big time of normal life, and are confident that these models will work efficiently for your home. They both have excellent warranties as well:  1100XL has a 12 year warranty, and the 1000LP has a 10 year warranty.

When we install one of these food waste disposals in your home, we offer a free drain cleaning before installing, to make sure that we don’t install a brand new disposal on a clogged line. We are so confident in these disposals that we offer a free one year guarantee that they will not clog up!

Part of our holiday promotion is the guarantee that a garbage disposal malfunction won’t ruin your holiday celebrations. These disposals work great, which is why we offer our one year guarantee. But, we also understand normal life. Sometimes at thanksgiving dinner your great aunt tries to shove too much down the drain. Call us on Thanksgiving or any other holiday and we will come and fix the colossal, big-oops clog.

At Gold Seal we offer quality plumbing that ensures your home runs well. Especially during the holidays, no one wants to deal with plumbing issues. Rest assured that Gold Seal will take care of you and your home through the holidays and any other day. Call us today to hear our promotional prices on our Insinkerator food waste disposals, and schedule an install with a free drain cleaning today. Our phone number is (509)535-5946, we can’t wait to hear from you!


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