Heat Pump Water Heaters & Avista Rebates


In recent years the laws have changed in the greater Spokane area as well as the entire United States concerning water heaters. These new laws are mandating high efficiency water heaters be placed in all new construction. And it’s no wonder: electric water heaters account for 18% of the energy an average home uses, which equates to more than the energy used collectively by a washer, dryer, fridge, and dishwasher*.

For further savings Avista offers utility rebates and tax credits for installation of efficient water heaters. Avista’s rebate is just one of the many benefits to convert to a high efficiency water heater with us. We sell and install new heat pump water heaters that work better, save money, and even offer 10 year warranties.

Compared with electric water heaters, a new heat pump water heater reduces energy usage by up to 60%. Imagine your energy bill as 60% less! That can save customers more than $200 every year in energy savings, not to mention the rebates Avista offers.

An electric water heater works by generating a lot of heat in order to raise the temperature of the water. But an energy efficient heat pump water heater actually utilizes the warm air around it. A fan pulls the warm air in and ducts cool air out, transferring the heat to water and maximizing efficiency. The units are also more customizable than ever. Homeowners are actually able to set the water heater on vacation mode, select specific water temperatures, and customize the operating mode.

High efficiency heat pump water heaters are good for the planet, your home, and your wallet. Right now your team at Gold Seal Plumbing is even offering a coupon for $89 off of a water heater and installation. Let us help you save money and give you peace of mind with a well run home. We also repair, replace, and maintain water heaters. Preventive maintenance on a water heater goes a long way in increasing longevity and efficiency. Call us today at (509)535-5946, contact us through email at service@goldsealplumbing.com , or explore our site to learn more about Spokane’s leading plumbing business.