Keep Your Drains Smelling Fresh!


In these frigid temperatures we all pass more of our days than usual inside. Along with enjoying spending more time in our homes, it is also the time of year where we notice little things around the house to fix or work on. One of the most important systems in our homes to keep running smoothly is our plumbing! If it is time to clean your pipes and drains, or you notice a bad odor coming from sink, shower, or tub drains, you should consider a pipe cleaning and Total-C drain treatment from Gold Seal Plumbing!

 Total-C is a water soluble treatment that leaves drains smelling fresh and clean with a light citrus scent. Unlike store bought solutions, Total-C doesn’t just cover up the smell. It gets right to the source, and is a preventive measure instead of a band-aid trying to cover up the problem. Available from Gold Seal Plumbing, Total-C keeps organic materials (think kitchen grease, shampoo or soap scum, detergents, etc.) from building up inside your pipes and causing blockages and smells.

Because it is professional grade, Total-C is stronger and works better at maintaining clean pipes for the long haul. It can be used immediately after a professional pipe cleaning, and then up to once every week for maintenance. In your kitchen drain, run hot water with Total-C once a week to preserve a clean and fresh smelling drain. An odorless, fresh drain makes a difference in your whole kitchen! Total-C can also be used on laundry and bathroom drains to eliminate odors and bacteria.

Total-C is an exclusive formula that treats the whole plumbing system. It is ultra concentrated, so a bottle lasts an extensive amount of time and keeps your drains free-flowing long term. With safe ingredients and no harsh or toxic chemicals you can rest assured knowing the environment and your home are secure and fresh. 

Don’t be cooped up at home with smelly drains that exude odors in your entire kitchen or bathroom. Call us today at (509)535-5946 for a professional drain cleaning and Total-C that’ll keep your sinks and drains smelling fresh! You can also contact us via email with any questions or inquiries at