Moen Magnetix Showerhead


At Gold Seal Plumbing the services we provide positively impact daily life. Often, plumbing issues aren’t addressed until they are a big problem, and in those instances we can help! We are readily available to fix those emergency plumbing problems, but we are also there to make your life easier and your home work better for you. One easy way to upgrade your plumbing and improve your day-to-day life is with a new showerhead.


We install Moen Magnetix showerheads; a handheld shower head that clicks easily back into place with an integrated magnet. This showerhead is perfect to elevate any shower experience, no matter how big or small of a space you have to work with. Without a bulky cradle or clip taking up precious shower real estate, the Moen Magnetix showerhead looks clean and streamlined while saving space.


The Magnetix system means easy release as well as replacement from the docking station is a system so simple you can do it with your eyes closed. The magnetic dock is also secure, so there are no worries that the showerhead would not snap back into place or be too easily removed.


Our technician can install the showerhead and instantly you will have a spa like experience right at home! The Moen Magnetix showerhead is easily removable and adaptable, but that is not where the benefits end. The showerhead also has different spray functions (six to be exact) to choose from. A great option for the whole family, the showerhead has a kink resistant hose with enough reach to easily clean pets, kiddos, or the shower itself. Not only will you have great water pressure, but the Moen Magnetix technology also saves water.


With two different showerhead finish choices and a friendly Gold Seal Plumbing technician to install, the Moen Magnetix is an easy upgrade. Call today and schedule a time for us to come install. We also offer other plumbing upgrades or preventive maintenance to make life easier. To save energy, water, and money consider upgrading your water heater. If improved water quality is a priority, we can install water conditioners or softeners to help. We also install and maintain plumbing fixtures like garbage disposals or toilets. For any plumbing need or upgrade, Gold Seal Plumbing is here for you.


To speak to one of our friendly staff about a shower head upgrade or any other plumbing need, give us a call at (509)535-5946, or send us an email inquiry at