Does Your Home Have Quality Water?


            At Gold Seal Plumbing, we help a great deal of clients that call in wondering if there is anything we can do to help their poor water quality. Poor water quality in  homes or businesses can range from convenient to downright unhealthy. Whether you are dealing with just a small amount of sediment, or an unhealthy water quality out team of experts is here to help. We can fix your plumbing problems and have solutions to bring you excellent water quality.

            If you are concerned about your water quality, we would love to send out a technician to help. Initially, a Gold Seal team member will test your water. We explain the results and any issues with water quality or your system. After the diagnosis, we make a plan with our customers for the best way to achieve good water quality. We have three main ways of treating water:


Water conditioners are able to filter water and improve the taste. The system changes the chemical component of water to prevent bacteria, minerals and buildup from forming in water. Conditioners are also useful in preventing this buildup in plumbing and appliances. Algae, bacteria, or other contaminants are also taken care of by a water conditioner, improving not only the quality but also the health of the water being used. 


            Water softeners work to remove the minerals that cause hard water in homes. Hard water leaves film on dishes or glasses, can cause buildup in home appliances, and can affect the taste and appearance of water. A water softener uses a salt ion process to remove the calcium and magnesium from the water, thereby softening it.

Reverse Osmosis

             A reverse osmosis system works by moving water under high pressure through a reverse osmosis membrane. Salt, bacteria, or minerals are unable to pass through the membrane, so the water on the other side of the filtration system is pure. This system removes 95-99% of all impurities in the water.



            The benefits of a water purification system go far beyond better tasting water. With better quality water appliances will operate better, and plumbing will have less buildup and problems in the future. Healthy water means a healthy family and pets as well.

            We work with and install all of these systems for our commercial and residential clients across the Inland Northwest, and can help you have better water quality as well. To speak to one of our friendly staff about your water quality or any other plumbing need, give us a call at (509)535-5946, or send us an email inquiry at