Radon Mitigation



Spring is the perfect time to start the Radon mitigation process. At Gold Seal we have certified radon specialists that can examine your home and diagnose whether or not you have a radon problem. Radon in certain levels is very dangerous to the health of everyone in your home, and if high levels are detected we install systems to eliminate the problem and reduce negative health risks.

This spring, we are also installing a high number of hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters across the inland northwest. New laws are mandating high efficiency water heaters be placed in all new construction. And it’s no wonder: electric water heaters account for 18% of the energy an average home uses, which equates to more than the energy used collectively by a washer, dryer, fridge, and dishwasher.

The energy savings (and new requirements) are driving people to install high efficiency pumps across Spokane. We both sell and install heat pump water heaters at Gold Seal, and offer 10-year warranties.

To read more about eliminating Radon in your home through Gold Seal systems, click here.  Or to learn about the importance of an efficient water heater click here.

Now is the time to get on our schedule for Radon testing and removal system installation or Heat Pump Water Heater installation. Don’t delay, Call us at (509)535-5946 to get on our schedule, or send us an email at service@goldsealplumbing.com.