Did you know the temperature and pressure relief valves on your water heater need to be replaced periodically? It is essential to the safety and function of your water heater that the valves work correctly. The temperature and pressure relief valves are designed to activate if the water temperature or pressure in the tank exceeds a certain limit. The valves are a safety precaution to keep your water heater from exploding.

At least once a year, the valve should be tested. The valve should be replaced every 3 to 5 years, and your Gold Seal Plumbing team can test as well as replace the temperature and pressure relief valves on the water heater in your home or business.

There are other reasons to replace the valve sooner if necessary: at home you can watch for any leakage. Leakage can mean a valve clogged with debris that will not work properly. If you notice any signs or problems with the valve, call us immediately to ensure there are no unsafe problems with your water heater.

Preventive maintenance on your water heater and valves through Gold Seal will safeguard your home against water heater troubles and larger future expenses. Through maintenance, longevity of the valve is increased so they can last longer and work well throughout the lifetime of the valve.

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