The Hydro Jet Advantage at Gold Seal Plumbing


There is nothing worse to go wrong in your home than a plumbing issue. Clogged drains and lines are the most common problem we see in homes. Because we have always responded to clogged drain calls so often, we knew we needed to have the best possible solution for the problem. Enter the hydro jet: an innovative system that allows our experienced plumbers to clean drains more thoroughly than any other tool on the market in a way that is best for your plumbing.

            We use hot water with high pressure to thoroughly clean drains. Competitors use cable equipment to manually break up and remove clogs. While this is an effective way to remove a clog, the cable equipment does not actually clean the pipes, just breaks up and removes the problem area. This leaves residue and build up still in the line, which attracts more buildup and increases the likelihood of more clogs in the future. Others also use cold water jetting, which does a great job at flushing lines but leaves the same problems as cable equipment. Cold water will flush the line, but cannot remove grease buildup so the lines are not actually being cleaned all the way.

            At Gold Seal we strive to bring excellence to our customers because we know how imperative it is that a home functions well. We also see first hand how devastating plumbing issues can be to a home. That’s why we use hot water jetting to remove clogs and flush lines. Usually a clogged drain is due to a foreign object in the line that is close to the surface. We manually remove the foreign object with a cable, and then go the extra mile and use our innovative high-pressure water jetter. Extremely hot water mixed with a degreasing agent breaks down the grease and film present in the lines, leaving a completely clean surface.

            Completely clean pipes mean they will stay clean and unclogged for longer. Our technicians are also careful and respectful of our client’s homes, and will leave your home as clean as when they arrived. The Gold Seal way is why so many people in the Spokane area choose us over our competition. If you have clogged drains or any other plumbing questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (509)535-5956, or send us an email at