TripleGuard Leak Shutoff


This holiday season, don’t let a water leak ruin your festivities. Water leaks and the consequent damage that follows account for a lot of the calls we get in asking for help. At Gold Seal, we not only service the Inland Northwest’s plumbing problems, but we also offer preventive solutions to our customers that protect homes and businesses from any plumbing problems in the first place.

 The TripleGuard active appliance leak shutoff does just that. Gold Seal is installing this system in homes and businesses across Spokane to protect against water leaks. It is an important time of year to make sure everything in your home is running well, and to prevent water damages that can be expensive to repair. TripleGuard not only detects water leaks, but prevents them as well.  

            When a leak is detected by the system, it automatically disconnects the water supply (through the activation of a shut off unit). This shutoff unit prevents water leaks from becoming massive and causing extensive damage. The shut off unit is a valve your Gold Seal team installs directly on the main water pipe. The leak detector is attached. If necessary, it is also possible to deactivate the shut off valve.

            Another reason that Gold Seal recommends the TripleGuard leak shutoff is because it is not an extensive install. It is a simple way to prevent dreaded water damage, without drilling into walls or trenching cables. A Gold Seal technician can install Triple Guard with ease and protect your home through the holidays quickly. There is even an app for your phone that communicates with the leak shutoff valve, so if you are away for the holidays (or the whole winter), you will be notified of any leak or problem.

            This holiday season, look to Gold Seal for all of your plumbing needs. Now is a great time to install a TripleGuard active appliance leak shutoff system to prevent water damage from ruining your holidays. Call us today at (509) 535-5946 or email us at We offer other preventive or maintenance services to keep your home healthy and running smooth for a happy holiday season.