In these cold months, it is important to have a water heater that works and works well. A malfunctioning water heater does not only mean cold showers, but affects your ability to do laundry, clean dishes, and have what you need in an emergency. A malfunctioning water heater can also cause a big mess from water damage, or be the source of high energy bills. At Gold Seal we service water heaters and install new ones, and we also help our client’s water heaters run well with expansion tanks, which plumbing codes and water heater manufacturers’ warranties frequently require.


At Gold Seal we are proud to install and service Thermxtrol water heater expansion tanks. A water heater expansion tank helps control pressure build up in closed hot water systems. Water heaters are built with a pressure relief valve for emergencies, but they can operate on a regular basis. The pressure relief valve opens when the heated water expands too much, spilling the water you just paid to heat down the drain or worse, on the floor. With a water heater expansion tank the pressure relief valve will not open on a regular basis, and there is no worry about discharged water or system pressure reaching dangerous levels.


An expansion tank can prevent dishwasher and clothes washer solenoid damage, water heater damage, water leaks, dripping faucets, toilet valves running intermittently, and wasted energy. Not only will your water heater run more smoothly wasting less time and energy, but Thermxtrol expansion tanks have antimicrobial and turbulator technology that work simultaneously to keep tanks clean. The liner kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact, targeting active microorganisms. It is long lasting and protects the lining for the life of the tank. The turbulator agitates incoming water, and has a water jet type scrubbing action that prevents buildup. No more stagnant water!


This winter, don’t go without hot water! Gold Seal has offered plumbing services to Spokane since 1967, and we are a name you can trust. Call today to discuss water heater maintenance, water treatment, or installation of a water heater or expansion tanks. We’d love to help you. Give us a call at (509)535-5946, or send us an email at service@goldsealplumbing.com.

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