Hundreds (if not thousands) of gallons of water can be wasted every year in a home or business waiting for hot water. If you have ever run the faucet and stood there waiting for hot water, you know this post is for you! A circulation pump is your answer to less wasted water (and money), and a more efficient home all around.


Why a Circulation Pump? 


Circulation pumps keep hot water in your pipes, so no matter where in the house you are when the faucet is turned on hot, you have hot water! In a system without a circulation pump, after a faucet is turned off the water sits in the pipes until the faucet is used again, allowing the water to lower in temperature to the surrounding pipe and air temp. Therefore, when you turn on the faucet to “hot” again, you have to wait for all of that cooled water to make it’s way through the pipes before the hot water begins to reach the faucet. This is why rooms farther away from the hot water tank can take longer to get hot water in a standard system.


A circulation pump is as simple as it sounds: a pump that keeps hot water in your pipes and readily available. Water usage and waste is drastically increased in homes with circulation pumps. Think about how much water you use, just in a single day, waiting for the hot water to reach the kitchen sink to rinse your dishes. Not only does that wasted water have a negative environmental impact, but a time and financial one too! Hot water heaters don’t have to work as hard with a circulation pump either, so a system with a pump can reduce water heater energy usage as well.


What are the Options?


At Gold Seal Plumbing, we can install circulation pumps to solve your cold water complaints. Our team installs dedicated loops or after construction retro fits in your home or business. We also service and repair water heaters, so if you are considering a circulation pump it is the perfect time to get maintenance on your current water heater or install a new one. We can get your entire plumbing system working efficiently.


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