Winter Pipe Protection with Gold Seal Plumbing



As the weather grows cold, it is time to start preparing our homes for winter. One of the most easily prevented fixes that Gold Seal Plumbing makes in homes Spokane wide throughout the winter is the result of frozen pipes and water leaks. Our team responds quite often to this type of problem in homes that sit empty in the winter. Now is the perfect time to remind our clients that leave for the cold months to unhook water hoses before they go. This prevents freezing and potential unknown leaks that can sit for months and cause a lot of damage.


One way that Gold Seal Plumbing offers protection for homes through the cold months is through the installation of a Honeywell Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector. This product is perfect for snow birds that leave for the winter that want to ensure they do not come home to water damage in the spring. It is also an easy and low cost addition to any home: water damage can spread quickly just in the span of a work day. The water leak and freeze detector is a small scale way to know the instant there may be a problem with water or freeze damage.


The detector is placed close to potential trouble spots like under sinks, behind washing machines, or by sump pumps and water heaters. It measures temperature and humidity, and notifies the homeowner through a smart alert if temperatures are low enough to freeze or if there is too much humidity in the air. The readings are also recorded for the homeowner to compare and check in periodically. The sensor also has a Lyric Leak Detector feature that measures water leaks by mere drops, and will alert the homeowner at the first sign of water.


The Honeywell Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector is battery powered, which only has to be replaced every three years. There is no wiring required, and little maintenance necessary. It is even reusable after a water leak incident! The detector comes with a 4 foot cable that senses water, and additional cables can be added for more coverage.


We have seen first hand the loss of valuables, time, and money that comes with frozen pipes and water damage. Our Gold Seal Team wants to keep our customers home life happy and thriving, and the best way we know how to do that is through prevention and excellent care when problems arise. Do not forget to unhook your hoses before leaving for the winter, whether it is for months or a week. If you have any questions on how, call us at (509)535-5946. If you are interested in a Honeywell Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector, call us at the number above or send a service request at  or from our website.