Bernadette B.


This morning I contacted your Spokane, Washington office to arrange an appointment for an estimate concerning some home plumbing repair projects. The employee who assisted me was cordial and most helpful. She explained in detail the estimate process and fully answered all of my questions. She advised that a service call could be arranged for this same day. Several hours later, on time and as previously promised, your plumber, Ron arrived. He immediately introduced himself and covered his shoes with paper booties before entering our home. He reviewed all of the projects with me and it soon became very obvious that he had a wealth of experience with plumbing matters. He too, was most courteous and professional. After he completed all of my repairs and projects I was so pleased. Just having a few items in the bathroom replaced caused for it to look like a new bathroom. When he left, he took all of the boxes, old plumbing and debris, leaving the bathroom spotless. After seeing his work, I have decided to have a faucet replaced in my kitchen and look forward to that project being handled in the immediate future. When the employee who answered the phone this morning asked how I learned of your company I told her that I had noticed some of your trucks in my neighborhood, well… I hope I can bring you additional business too because when we have the need for plumbing work, you can be sure that one of your trucks will be at my house. Great employees make businesses successful! Many thanks.

Bernadette B. January 6, 2014